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studio footage from “hot cereal”

“A Message From The Man In The Moon” October 2017

more studio footage

“Abstraction” October 2017

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sam chess and his check mates

The sound of the Check Mates is one of deep originality, innovation, and soul—a sound aimed to raise the audience’s imagination, consciousness, and most of all, spirit. With a diverse set of original compositions and arrangements by Sam Chess and/or pianist Robbie Lee, this sound was successfully captured on the Check Mates’ debut album “Hot Cereal”.

Hot Cereal features some of New York’s most uniquely creative musicians, including: Robbie Lee (piano & vocals), Dan Chmielinski (bass), Gabe Schnider (guitar), Noah Halpern (trumpet), Xavier Del Castillo (tenor sax, clarinet & flute), and Sam Chess (trombone). You can find “Hot Cereal” on just about every streaming/downloading service (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, etc). We prefer you download it but it’s definitely OK if you stream it. (Pssst, we do it too)

With our blends of sweet and hot, improvisation & arrangement, technicality & accessibility, and classicism & modernism, we are grateful to bring our music to a wide variety of people and places. To book the Check Mates, click here or contact

the musicians on “hot cereal

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